Photo Gallery

Highlight some works of recent years to this part:

1994 - Church of Santa Maria do Castelo de Sesimbra - Works by

Repair ";

- "Monastery of S. Vicente de Fora - Clearing and Settlement of Tiles."

1995 - "Monastery of S. Vicente de Fora - Works of Recovery

Tile panels of the XVII - XVILT

- "Convent of Santa Maria de Semide - Miranda do Corvo --

Consolidation of Tiles ";

- "Church of St. Anthony of the Old Convent of Freiras

Benedictine in Viseu - Consolidation of Tiles ";

- "Church of Santa Maria de Celorico of Beira - Consolidation of Tiles";

- "Miracle of the church - Santarém - Azulejos improvement";

- "Miracle of the church - Santarém - Completion of the Tile improvement";

- "Church of San Pedro - Torres Vedras - Consolidation and Restoration of Tiles."

Restorations and reproductions

1996 - "Chapel of Mercy of Montemor-o-Velho - Consolidation and

Restoration of Tile Coating ";

- "Church of Sertã - Consolidation and Restoration of Tile Coating";

- "Fortress of Santiago de Outão - Orthopedic-Rehabilitation Hospital of the Chapel of tile;

- "Church of Misericórdia de Óbidos - Consolidation and Restoration of tiles."

1997 - "Church of Barcelos / Santa Maria Maior de Barcelos - Braga --

Treatment Tile Heritage ";

- "Sé de Viseu - Works of improvement";

- "Church of San Salvador - Coimbra - Restoration and consolidation of the coating Azulejai *";

- "Church of Castanheira do Ribatejo - Completion of

Restoration of the tiles ";

- "Church of Misericórdia de Óbidos - Works of Repair in

Roof of the Church ";

- "Building of Support - Works of improvement"

- "St. Catherine Church - Lisbon - Storing Azulejos the Ordinance.

1998 - "City Hall at the University of Coimbra - Conservation, Restoration and Replacement of ice coating the 1st Floor and R / C Patio of the General, the atrium of the chapel, museum and Steps to Access Claustros School of Law, University of Coimbra ";

- "Mercy Church of Torres Novas and Constância - Recovery of tiles";

- "Church of Santa Maria de Óbidos - Conservation and Restoration of tiles";

- "National Palace of Pena - Azulejos Restoration of the Tower Clock";

- "Church of S. Roque - Conservation and Restoration of the Lower Azulejos Choir";

- "Monastery of Varatojo - Several improvements";

- "Old school of Mafra - Removal of Tiles";

- "Santa Casa da Misericordia de Torres Novas - Tile Restoration Central Nave of the Church of Mercy";

- "Conservation of Elements of ice coating the interior and exterior of the Palace Hotel Bussaco";

- "Conservation of 2 panels of ice coating the Church of Mercy Pereira";

- "Quinta da kestrel - Survey Tiles";

Municipality of Lisbon :

"Restoration of tile panels - House of Tiles Image of Our Lady-Garden of St. Lucia";

"Manufacturing and Restoration of the missing element in the 2 Tiles panels Church of St. Lucia";

- "Quinta de S. Lourenço - Pragal - Almada - Replacement of tiles";

1999 - "Paço Episcopal de Faro - Tile Restoration and Conservation";

- City of Santarém:

"Restoration of the Building Coating Azulejos de Santarém of local authority services";

"Replacing the tile panels of the Market Hall;

"Implementation of panel Azulejos - Basil's House / Casa Pedro Alvares Cabral"

- "Church of Mercy Mangualde - Conservation and Restoration of Tile Coating";

- "Convent of Bernardas - Recovery of Sets Tiles";

- "Palace of Mitra - Conservation and Restoration of Tiles - Conclusion"

- "City Hall at the University of Coimbra - Faculty of Law, Continuing the Conservation and Restoration"

- "Igreja do Carmo - Funchal"

- "Church of Arruda dos Vinhos - Conservation Works of tiles in the main altar in the sacristy"

- "Church of St. Joseph of Taipas, Vitória, Porto, Porto - Treatment Heritage

Tiles "

- Municipal Council of Lisbon:

"Manufacturing, Supply and Installation of Tiles in the building located in the Arc Beco Dark, 3 - Io and 2";

"Removal, Cleaning, Manufacturing, Supply and Installation of tiles located in Old Bakery Street, 28/36-5 °";

"Beco's Dark Arc, 3-1 ° - Tiles Manufacturing and Installation";

"Beco's Dark Arc, 3-1 ° - Former Azulejos Survey, Cleaning, Conservation, and Supply Boxes boxing";

"Cleaning, Conservation, Inventory and Selection of Ancient Tiles from the Beco building located in the Arc dark, 3-2 °";

"Restoration Tiles Panel Church St. Lucy."

- "Church of Ega - Condeixa-A-Nova - Conservation and Restoration of Tile Coating"

2000 - "Cathedral of Faro - Conservation and restoration of Tiles"

- "Insurance Company Lusitânia"

- "Factory Parish Church of Santo da Serra"

- "School of Science and Technology, University of Coimbra"

- "Factory of the Parish Church Parish of F"

- "Factory of the Church of St. Anthony" 2001 - "Parish Church Santo da Serra"

- "University of Coimbra - Hall of Congregations" - "Health Center of Vila Velha wheel" - "Insurance Company Lusitânia" - "Parish Church of Mercy" - "Santa Maria do Castelo Church" - "Basilica da Estrela"

- "Church of Santa Casa da Misericordia de Gouveia"