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The term means a piece of tile ceramic of little thickness, usually square, where one side is glass, the result of cooking of a coating usually referred to as enamel, it is waterproof and can be brilhant.

This face monochromatic or polychromatic, flat or in relief. The tile is usually used in large numbers as an associate in the architectural coating of interior surfaces or exterior decoration or as isolated.


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With different characteristics between them, this material has become an element of construction disclosed in different countries, assuming it is in Portugal as an important support for the national artistic expression for over five centuries, where the tile is beyond for something more than just a decorative element of little intrinsic value.


The conventional material is used by its low cost, its strong potential to qualify a building aesthetically so practical. But it reflects, besides the light, the Portuguese repertoire of imagery, its preference for realistic description, its attraction for cultural exchange. Strong sense of scenographic descriptive and monumental, the tile is considered today as one of the most original productions of Portuguese culture, which be known as an illustrated book full of rich color, not only the history but also the mentality and taste of each season.


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